Nursing care

Promise Hospice will provide adequate nursing care to meet the needs of the patient. Our RN case manager will work hard to make sure everything you need will be in place: adequate staff, equipments, supplies and medications. She will work with your Attending Physician to get everything ordered right from the time your loved one enrolls in the Promise Hospice program.

All of our hospice nurses, are trained to provide care according to the accepted standards of practice within the nursing field.

The nurse’s license authorizes her to perform professional assessments of her patients, create nursing plans of care, perform many skilled nursing procedures, provide all necessary aspects of nursing bedside care, and many other tasks. The nurse’s license requires her to make sure the patient’s needs are met. The Registered Nurse is authorized to supervise, direct and educate other nursing staff with less training.

Nursing Services at Home During A Crisis

Promise Hospice will provide nursing services in your own home when your loved one experiences a crisis! Symptoms which might cause a “crisis” can vary:

  • Severe pain out of control,
  • Respiratory distress,
  • Uncontrolled agitation (which can be common in the terminally ill),
  • Seizure activity
  • Uncontrolled vomiting or bleeding,
  • The active phase of dying (at the very end)

If a crisis is occurring, then our nursing staff will remain in the home until the crisis is resolved through nursing and medical interventions. The RN case manager will be very closely monitoring the patient’s condition and contacting the attending physician as needed. If your loved one is determined to stay at home to die, and a crisis occurs, Promise hospice provides this continuous nursing care in your own home.

A period of crisis is a period in which the individual requires continuous care to achieve palliation [relief from the symptoms] or management of acute medical symptoms. Continuous Home Nursing care is a covered benefit in hospice; you and your loved one are entitled to it!

Home Health Aide and Homemaker Services

Promise hospices will provide adequate home health aide and homemaker services to meet the needs of the patients. Aides may assist the patient with general Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) like bathing, feeding, dressing, and so on. Sometimes the family is unable to give the bath, or doesn’t know how to deal with certain obstacles to bedside care caused by the patient’s deteriorating condition, weakness or disability.

Professional Competence

Promise Hospice nurses are required to maintain their professional competence, follow the Code of Ethics for all nurses and provide care which meets the standards of care. All nurses are required to enroll in programs of continuing education, and all home health aides must attend regular in-services at the hospice for training. Hospice nurses, like all nurses, are intermediaries in communicating the patient’s status and needs to the Attending Physician. Because of the nature of hospice, the nurse’s role is expanded and becomes even more important to your loved one. The nurse may, in specific situations, start giving medications approved by the physician in the Standing Orders. In addition, the hospice nurse becomes the “eyes and ears” of the physician, telling the physician what is occurring, what the vital signs are, what symptoms have arisen and generally providing all information necessary for the physician to make appropriate medical orders for the patient…based on the information given by the nurse. All nursing personnel must regularly report to the RN case manager, and the RN case manager must regularly report to the Attending Physician…especially if the patient’s symptoms are not relieved, …especially if the patient’s pain is not relieved. It is important for you to clearly notify the RN case manager about any needs or problems your loved one may be experiencing.

The Joint Commission organization certification ID number: 531243

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